Standard Block

Standard Gray Block  – Shapes and Sizes Listing

Concrete Brick – 2 1/4 x 4 x 8
2  1/4″   Solid Cap Block
4″ Solid Cap Block


4x8x16 regular
4x8x16 solid
4x4x16 half high
4x8x8 half
4x8x16 Single and Double bullnose
4x8x8 single and double bullnose

6x8x16 regular
6x8x16 pier
6x8x8 half
6x4x16 half high
6x8x16 U bond beam
6x8x16 Open bottom bond beam
6x8x16 single and double bullnose
6x8x8 single and double bullnose

8x8x16 regular
8x8x16 sash – pier
8x8x16 pier
8x8x8 half
8x4x16 half high
8x8x16 Header / aka: L block , Chair block
8x8x16 U bond beam
8x8x16 Open bottom bond beam
8×16 x8 bond beam
8x8x16 open end
8x8x16 single and double bullnose
8x8x16 double bullnose opposite ends
8x8x16 bullnose all corners
8x8x8 single and double bullnose
8x8x16 Two Hour Fire Rated – IBC
8x8x16 Four Hour Fire Rated – IBC

Standard Gray Block  – Shapes and Sizes Listing (Con’t)

10x8x16 regular
10x8x16 sash pier
10x8x8 half
10x8x16 U bond beam
10x8x16 open bottom bond beam
10x8x16 single and double bullnose
10x8x8 single and double bullnose

12x8x16 regular
12x8x16 sash pier
12x8x8 half
12x4x16 half high
12x8x16 U bond beam
12x8x16 Open bottom bond beam
12x16x8 bond beam
12x8x16 open end
12x8x16 Four hour Fire Rated
12x8x16 single and double bullnose
12x8x8 single and double bullnose
12×12 Column Block


Available in  4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ sizes

Single Score – One face
Double Score – Both Faces

Also Available – Architectural Block in a variety of shapes, faces and colors. Please see the Architectural Section for more information

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